Scoring information & Chipotle fundraiser

    Please read below for dual meet seeding and scoring information. 


    Seeding will be from fastest to slowest. Heat one will be the “fast” heat, though any swimmer from any heat can score in individual events with scoring by times not heat.
    To even out the discrepancies in team size, the league allows a maximum of three individual swimmers and two relays from each team to score. The same swimmers who score points for the team will receive corresponding ribbons. (So, even if your swimmer's time places them in the 4th/5th/6th place spot for an event, they will not receive a ribbon if there are three other swimmers from our team who placed above them.) 
    If a swimmer's time has an X (exhibition) next to it, it means that they did not score points for the team. It does not mean that they were disqualified.
    Don't forget that we have our Chipotle fundraiser on Monday, June 17th from 4-8 pm at the 287 & S. Boulder Rd Chipotle. Please bring family and friends and show the attached flyer when you check out. The Lafayette Seals will receive one-third of the sales we generate, so please try to participate. Unfortunately, online sales do not count toward our total. Purchases must be in-store pickup sales.
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