Finals Tomorrow!

    Hello Everyone!

    Tomorrow morning is Finals! Attached to this email are the meet program (this can also be found on the BVSSL website), the estimated timeline of events, and the results from prelims yesterday. They will not be selling meet programs this year, so I recommend you print this out.


    • 6:15 - Swimmers arrive and check in at the purple team tent.
    • 6:45 - Swimmers on deck ready for warm ups
      • Find your AGE GROUP COACH or Coach Hannah for your lane assignment
    • 6:48-7:20 - Warm Ups
    • 7:40 - Team cheer at the team tent
    • 7:58 - National Anthem
    • 8:00 - Meet starts
    • 2:05(approximately) - Meet ends

    Additional Information

    • This is running as a normal meet would with all age groups in attendance
    • Swimmers need to get to the heating area as soon as they hear their number called
    • Swimmers today should be….
      • Drinking LOTS of water
      • Relaxing and saving their energy
      • Fuel their bodies with only good food (no junk food)
      • Getting lots of rest tonight
    • Coaches will be dressed to a Hawaiian theme tomorrow if any of the swimmers would also like to dress to the theme.

    All of our swimmers have done an amazing job this season. Let’s leave it all in the pool tomorrow! Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

    Coach Hannah

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