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Swim Meet Tips

  • TOWELS: Bring extra towels, rule of thumb is 3 towels/swimmer (allows time for towels to dry in between heats).
  • TARPS: For swim meets, bring a tarp. For some meet locations, the grass is very wet from early morning sprinklers.
  • EXTRA CAPS/GOGGLES: Are essential. They will tear or break sometime during the season.
  • SUN PROTECTION: If you have an extra old sheet, consider bringing that to hang up for sun protection. Target has Boca clips in the swim towel section. It is extremely important to stay under some type of shade in between heats. Plan on a long picnic, because meets can run until 2 p.m. Also bring lots of sunscreen!
  • CHECK HEATING: Often. Some events go very quickly, so each swimmer is responsible for checking their heating status.
  • HEALTHY FOOD/DRINK: Suggestions from seasoned swimmers are chocolate milk (any variety or type), fruit, box of dry cereal, bagels with cream cheese, and gatorade and/or water (for extremely hot days). A general guideline is carbs before a lot of exercise and protein afterwards. Staying hydrated during the day is also very important.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Games, coloring books, crafts, reading material, music, etc is a great way to pass the time.
  • CASH: Not all pools take credit cards for concessions.
  • BLANKETS: Meet mornings can be pretty cool. Some swimmers bring sleeping bags.
  • CHECKLIST: Making a checklist and packing the night before can make mornings run more smoothly.
  • PARKING: Extra time is needed to find a parking space and walking. Some pools, such as Rock Creek, have limited parking next to the pool.
  • HAVE FUN: Most importantly, have fun and cheer on your fellow Seals team mates!
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